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At Volley Automation, we are razor focused on one thing: To build the best parking systems for new buildings in space-constrained locations. Our reimagined approach to parking brings new benefits to developers, architects, patrons, and our environment.

Our team designs and develops advanced software and proven robotic systems to efficiently densify parking garages, making garages smaller, fit more cars, or both. Volley’s approach reduces construction complexity and the environmental impacts of parking structures, while maximizing parking access, convenience, and economic value.

Volley parking systems are developed, optimized, and deployed in situations where space is at a premium, and/or buildings with complex space requirements, including those where traditional parking options are impossible.

A diverse group of professionals posing in front of a building with a sign that reads "Volley Automation." A clear blue sky and trees are visible in the background.

With our growing team of experts in robotics, software, automation, and artificial intelligence, Volley is uniquely positioned to define how parking structures and systems will become an integrated component of prosperous modern smart cities and urban landscapes.

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Volley parking systems automate vehicle storage using robotics. Volley minimizes the size and impact of parking structures while maximizing parking access and convenience.

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Working for a Volley Automation is a challenging and rewarding experience. The team uses their combined skillsets and knowledge to develop new and innovative robots, and we are able to see our work make a real difference in the world.

Ilene, Operations

At Volley Automation, we get to solve real-world problems with robotics. It’s a supportive team filled with energy, passion, vision, and execution.

Sage, Finance

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