An image of a white car parked in an indoor automated parking lot, facing a large, mobile robot designed for moving parked vehicles. Other cars are visible in the garage.

At Volley Automation, we’re revolutionizing the way you’ll think about parking. Every Volley-powered automated garage is designed to provide a seamless, efficient, and secure parking experience, mirroring the service of a valet, but without the valet. Already operational in congested downtown areas like San Francisco and with further projects underway across the USA, our systems represent a significant leap forward in urban infrastructure development.


A New Era of Parking Convenience

Parking with Volley Automation is a breeze. Upon arriving at one of our garages, you simply park your car in a designated bay—akin to a private single-car garage. From there, you can check in your vehicle using our intuitive phone app or an easily accessible kiosk. This system even allows you the flexibility to request EV charging during your stay or opt out, depending on your needs.


Advanced Technology at Work

Once your vehicle is parked, the magic of Volley begins. Our parking bay sensors meticulously measure your car’s dimensions, creating a detailed point cloud to accurately understand its size and shape. This precision allows our Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to operate efficiently: an AGV will drive under your parked car, lift it securely, and transport it to the designated parking space. This automated handling ensures that your vehicle is parked safely and compactly, maximizing space within the garage.


Effortless Charging and Retrieval

For those who opt for EV charging, our system prioritizes convenience. Your vehicle will be moved to an automated charging station and charged as soon as a charger becomes available, ensuring that your car is ready and powered up when you need it. And of course, retrieving your car is just as straightforward. Whether through our app or kiosk, a simple notification alerts our system to fetch your vehicle. Often faster than walking to your car in a traditional garage, our service allows you to wait comfortably in the building’s lobby, saving you time and effort.


Safety and Efficiency Redefined

The safety and convenience of parking with Volley cannot be overstated. Our software creates an accurate model of the garage’s layout, tracking the precise location of every car and AGV within the system. This information allows for optimal planning of each AGV’s path, with real-time updates ensuring smooth operation and quick adjustments as necessary. This orchestrated precision not only enhances safety but also increases the efficiency of the entire system.

Join Us in Transforming Urban Parking

At Volley Automation, we are proud to offer a solution that not only meets the needs of today’s urban environments but also sets the stage for the future of transportation infrastructure. With Volley, parking becomes safer, easier, and more efficient, freeing up valuable urban space and contributing to a more sustainable, organized cityscape. Join us in embracing the future of parking—smarter, streamlined, and secure.


“We’re excited to work with developers and architects across the country to bring smarter, better, and more densified parking to their buildings and communities.”

– Mike Beebe, CEO, Volley Automation


For more information on how Volley Automation can enhance your project or community, just contact our team. Together, let’s pave the way to a more efficient and technologically advanced urban future.