Volley leverages the power

of robotics & cloud computing to allow real-estate developers to densify new and existing parking assets. Our systems save up to 50% more space, that can be used to create new revenue opportunities.


space saving

Volley’s technology saves up to 50 % space compared to a conventional parking asset


Volley garages are up to 40% cheaper to construct than conventional ones

futureproof structure

Volley’s technology allows developers to convert parking space into rentable area in the future


Volley can fit into any shape, size or plot in a given asset


Volley’s technology can be installed at any existing parking asset

asset classes


Using Volley’s machine learning platform our systems learn the patterns of residents arrivals and departures, ensuring low wait times. Multiple redundancies built into every system ensures minimal wait times and high availability and uptimes.


Volley’s mobile application can handle peak throughput seen during typical rush hour scenarios in office buildings. We simulate traffic patterns providing optimal configurations to meet criteria set by real estate owners, ensuring the right balance of density and throughput.


Volley systems are well situated to handle the transient nature of retail settings. Easy transactions provide seamless and intuitive parking.


active garages

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